Use of library computers for meetings / workshops

Library workstation is equipped with 24 computers with 10kv UPS, internet access and LED TV 42” for projection purpose. These computers can be utilized for hands on workshop / meetings / training. 

Apart from the workshop / meetings, 5 computers will be allotted for project data entry work as and when required on a temporary basis. A request for utilizing the same may please be sent to the Director’s office for permission. The data entry work in the library will be purely on temporary basis and no permanent seating arrangements will be provided in the library. The allocation will be made by the librarian as per availability. 

Facility will be reserved on a first-come, first serve basis. Reservations must be made for each use and the dates and timings should be informed to the library-in-charge well in advance. Co-ordinator should provide the list of participants. Reservation form is available at NIE library portal (download forms). 

The co-ordinator or the persons nominated by the co-ordinator shall be responsible for (1) Obtaining the key from the library-in-charge and signing the register maintained for this purpose (2) Setting up tables, chairs and projectors (3) Locking the doors when leaving for tea / lunch (4) Returning the key to the library-in-charge at the end of the day. 

The users are instructed not to disturb the computer settings / Not to create any username or password / Not to save the files on the desktop / Not permitted to remove and interchange computers or CPU / Not to damage the switches for plugging laptops, cellphones charging. 

Only licensed software must be used for training purpose. Check for virus in the pen drive before use is essential. 

No material of signs, posters etc shall be pasted on the wall outside the premises except the door space assigned for this purpose. 

Snacks or beverages should not be served inside the room. 

Lights and computers are to be turned off and doors locked upon vacating the premises. 

Room, tables and chairs may be restored to original state before vacating with the attenders provided by the Institute for the purpose of meeting / workshop. 

Each group shall be responsible for leaving all areas and equipment clean and in good order. Any damage to equipments is the responsibility of the coordinator. 

Library will not accept responsibility for the loss or misplacement of personal belongings. Coordinators will be responsible for the library property, materials, equipments and belongings during the meeting / workshops. 

Participants are allowed in the library reading room (not during the training session) on due authorization by the co-ordinators. Temporarry I.D cards may be provided to the participants during the meeting by the co-ordinator to enable entry in the library reading room. 

Participants can be reached from other departments using telephone extension No.401.