Library rules and regulation


Library Hours*

Working hours: 9:00 AM to 5.30 PM (Monday to Friday)


Staff / scholars are required to show their library identity card at all times to gain entry, borrow and to use the internet in the library.

Locker facility is available to the users only while using the library. Bags, brief cases etc. should be deposited at the counter near the entrance door. However, valuable items (Cellphones, cash) are not to be left at the counter. Only blank sheets of paper can be brought into the library. Library users are responsible for the security of their own belongings. The library will not bear responsibility for the loss or misplacement of personal belongings.

Library Membership card

Staff / scholars will be issued one bar-coded library membership card. The card is to be presented at the circulation counter (at the entrance) each time when borrowing a book.

Loan Limits

Staff / scholars can borrow three books(books / Journals) at a time, on their library cards for a period of three weeks. The total number of items on loan to a borrower will not exceed three during any given period.

The borrower is advised to return the books if leaving station (On vacation / field work) for a long period.

Books / journals will not be sent to any department for issue. Borrowers should come in-person to get their books issued.

Project staff can borrow two books for one week by producing the library card.

Members before leaving the counter must satisfy themselves as to whether the books, which they borrowed are in good condition.

The borrower has to ensure the number of books borrowed matches with the details displayed on the screen.

No Due certificate

To avail the no due certificate, members are requested to surrender the barcoded membership ID card and issued books.

Loan renewals and Recalls

Books on loan can be renewed for another week if it has not been reserved and the same must be brought to the library for renewal. Any books borrowed may be recalled after four days of being issued if another reader has requested it for use.

Reservation of books

Users may reserve the books, except journals, already on loan. Reservation forms are available at NIE library portal (Download forms).

Reference materials

Reference materials are not available for issue.

Photocopying facilities

Photocopying facilities will be available for research and reference (10 pages per day).

Printer facility

Scholars can take printouts from the library between 9:15 AM to 5:00 PM. Scholars should bring their own papers (A4) to take printouts and should enter in the record kept for this purpose (10 pages per day).

Loss of material

The loss or damage of a borrowed book should be brough to the notice of the Librarian in writing.. In such an instance, the full cost of the book, including freight cost shall be recovered from the borrower.

Books not to be defaced

Readers should not deface books / journals in any way, viz. by highlighting, underlining, writing or drawing in them or by removing any pages.

Loss of library card

Members are responsible for their library cards and materials borrowed. Library cards are not transferable. A lost card must be reported immediately in writing. The card will be replaced at the discretion of the Librarian.

Behaviour in the library

Library users shall respect the rights of other users to work quietly. Silence shall be maintained as far as possible in the study areas of the library. Mobile phones must be switched off or put in silent mode.

Library telephones are not available for public use, except the intercom.

Personal books can be brought into the library only after entering the details in the register at the counter near the entrance.

Library books are not to be taken inside the online zone / audio visual / discussion room. Users are required to use the designated reading area for reading purpose.

Users are advised not to re-shelve books, but should leave them on the table for library staff to re-shelve appropriately.

Personal equipments like laptops, mobile charging, ipad should not be used without the prior permission of the Librarian.

Consumption of food and snacks is strictly not permitted in the Library.

Internet Facility

Internet facility is available to the users on priority basis. Advance booking of slots can be done with the librarian or at the information desk.

Users are requested to record the log-in-time and log-out-time in the internet usage register kept at the entrance of the library.

Outsiders / visitors

Outsiders need to produce a letter seeking permission from the organization (addressed to the Director, NIE) to use the library facility.

Visitors who visit staff members are informed to get a formal permission letter to sit / use the facility of the library. Library will not entertain visitors to use the library without proper request from the concerned staff.

Books are only for reference and not for issue. Outsiders should produce valid photo Identity card to use the library facility.

Fire alarm

Upon hearing the fire alarm, all library patrons must immediately leave the building following the emergency exit signs.

Library Committee

The Library committee consisting of the Chairman and nominated members of the scientific and administrative cadre of the institute with the Asst. Library & Information Officer as member secretary oversee the activities of the library. The committee meetings are scheduled once in three months to review the functioning of the library and planning for further expansion in activities.

The main purpose of these rules is to safeguard the common interest of all users and to enable the Library to function as efficiently as possible.

*subject to change