Information alert services:The library provides alerts to the users about the latest information of their interest by list of additions, new arrivals, useful articles on display, display of forthcoming conferences, and other national and international events.



Current awareness service:Details of newly acquired books, table of contents of latest journals, new additions in the local British Council Library / American Council library, conference / workshop brochures are displayed for information. 




Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)
: SDI service includes literature search as and when requested by NIE scientists and research fellows. Specific requested information is provided to the user through Internet search. SDI service is provided by searching the database on demand. 


Resource sharing
: ICMR librarians have  created a 'ICMR librarian’s group' e-mail for resource sharing. Journal articles available in any ICMR library can be obtained and made available to scientists through this group mail service.


Wi-Fi facility:The library is enabled with Wi-Fi facility and provides seamless access to users for print and electronic resource access services.



Multimedia library:There is a good collection of CD-ROMs on a range of subjects viz. Public Health, HIV/AIDs, Non-communicable disease, etc. Faculty, staff & scholars can view education CDs / CDs received along with the books in the audio visual zone.



Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC):
WEBOPAC allows the users to browse the library collections. The collection and services of the library are fully computerized with bar-coded circulation service (issue and return) using the Graphic Library Automation System (GLAS) developed by Electronic On-line systems (EOS) International corporate, Carlsbad, California, USA.


Inter-library loan
:Utilizing inter-library loan facilities, books & journals are borrowed from British Council Library and American information Resource Centre, Chennai. We share our resources and facilities with National Institute for Research on Tuberculosis (formerly Tuberculosis Research Centre) Chennai, and many Universities/ Procurement of document services is also made available from lending division of British Library, American Information Resource Centre and other document delivery services (these involve service charges)



Photocopying services : Articles are photocopied and provided to the users free of cost.


Institutional Repository using DSPACE: It is a digital archive of research and training outputs of National Institute of Epidemiology (ICMR), Chennai. It covers publications of NIE scientists, outbreak reports, Theses and dissertations, lecture presentations, newspaper clippings etc. The documents are scanned and uploaded in DSPACE in the intranet based server. All the users can search, browse and access full text of these publications by author, subject and division from this collection after generating a login name and password. The repository is accessible on-campus via intranet facilitates and is in accordance with the copyright regulations.


Scanning service :
 Scanning of documents for the patron is done in the library.

E-Access/Database services :Staff and scholars are provided information using the Proquest, ERMED, JCCC@ICMR databases available in the library. 


Digital Library services
 : Users can access the electronic e-resource through digital library portal from the hyperlinks given from their desk.



News Clipping service
:Library subscribes to seven national and local newspapers. Cuttings in these news paper on current health-related topics are scanned, digitized and archived in order to enhance the current affairs knowledge for the users.



Orientation programme:Library conducts orientation programme for the staff and scholars and organizes training programmes such as NML-ERMED, OvidSP, Scopus database etc. for the staff and scholars. The objective of these programmes is to equip users with the skills required in carrying out search and retrieve full text of articles in their academic areas of interest.

Routine Services- Circulation (electronic check-in and check-out), reference services, literature search, document delivery service, CD-ROM search, Resource sharing, supply of reprints as and when requested by other institutes, photocopy of articles on request by post and answering reference queries.

Publication (current alert) - #Whatshapp in Epid, Pub Heal and Biostat 


Online submission of NIE publications:Library offers the staff / scholars in editing, submitting the papers online in peer reviewed journals.

Publications - Library regularly publishes Annual Report, IngeNIEous Newsletter and Reports.

Institute Specific database (data bank) - Using Endnote x7.1 version database on specific diseases like leprosy, disease surveillance, HIV/AIDs, Non-communicable disease, Outbreaks, Health system research, Vector borne diseases have been created which provides with most current references on topics of ongoing research interest of the Institute. More than 50 thousand articles are available in the database created. 

Indexing service- is provided for the materials available in the library and other secondary sources of information.

Abstracting service- is provided on demand

Citation analysis / impact factor services- Library services include analysis of citation index and impact factors of the Institute publications .

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