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Consortium is an initiative taken by Director General of Heath Services (DGHS) to develop nationwide electronic information resources in the field of medicine for delivering effective health care for all. The Consortium is being coordinated through ICMR set up at the National Medical Library (NML). In this consortium 298 Medical journals are accessible from 6 leading medical journal publishers, viz. BMJ Publishing, Cambridge University Press, Informa health care, Lippincott William Wilkins, Oxford University Press and John Wiley. Access to the e-journals is through IP authentication.



BMJ Group


Cambridge University Press


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Informa Health Care


Lippincott, William & Wilkins


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Oxford University Press


John Wiley


PROQUEST http://search.proquest.com/

 This Proquest public health and health research premium collection have access to 5000 e-journals and covers areas viz. Epidemiology, public health, biostatistics, statistics, health service, medicine, environmental health, social science, bioethics, maternal and child health and occupational safety and health, communicable and non-communicable diseases,

Publishers: Over 700 publishers contributing to ProQuest public Health and health research premium including Massachusetts Medical Society, Elsevier, Springer, Karger, Nature Publishing andCambridge University Press 

BMJ E-Journals List – all 60 BMJ E-Journals is added from April 2016. 

Formats available include: books, magazines, references/reports, scholarly journals, topjournals and trade publications

Coverage: International coverage

Provides access - to current newspaper articles to uncover the latest breaking news pertaining to public health, such as flu pandemics, disaster preparedness, and obesity.

Back-file Coverage 1986 to Present



 Customized Journal Custom Content Consortia has been established among all the ICMR Institutes for better resource sharing. JCCC is an extension of J-Gate Custom Content (JCC) , for the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). It covers 6401 journals received collectively at 29 institutions/centres of ICMR. In addition to these, around 600 open access journals are also covered. In all, journals from 755 publishers are covered on a single platform. If a journal is not subscribed by NIE library and is available from other ICMR libraries, a user can send request for article through the consortia and the requested article is supplied by the concerned ICMR library. JCCC is also IP authenticated.



NIE has subscribed to indiahealthstat.com. It provides online access to 374 comprehensive information related to health, family welfare and medicine in India by states. It gives statistical information under more than 35 classifications. These are further divided into hundreds of sub-categories covering a wide range of subjects.

Data’s can be downloaded in MS-Excel/Word/HTML formats. You may please refer to terms and conditions of the site. 
http://www.indiahealthstat.com/default.aspx click on IP Login

The activation is done using Institute IP address. Click on IP login on the top most panel to access the database. We have subscribed to 2 users and the same can be accessed from NIE systems (intranet - LAN PC’s only) and not from laptop. Only two users can access the database at a time.

Access to the resources resources are governed by license agreements that limit use to the NIE. Users are responsible for ensuring that use of these products is for educational, scholarly / research use only. Downloading, unauthorized reproduction, lending and distributing of the fulltext is prohibited. All the passwords are strictly confidential.

 * If not getting the access to the databases, users may send request to the librarian.